The Doll world!!

Hey guys,its another day at doodlingpanda! Sorry peopIe, my brain is not giving out any ideas for doodling!But don’t worry there a numerous topics I can rant to you about!! One of my favourite hobby, when I was small was doll making. I hated playing with barbies and often spoiled their life by colouring their hair (with nail polish) and giving them hairstyles (literally making them bald!!) I made cloth doll, of varying shapes and sizes. I never played with them, I keep them on top of my study table! Their smile keeps me motivated! I haven’t restarted the hobby, but hopes to do so after sometime! So today I am gonna post the pics of two of my favourite dolls! Happy doll-making!!!

​Gloopy(The pillow-doll)
​Rita(The doll-with-no-limbs)



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