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Pattern doodling

Hey guys, I am so sorry that I am not blogging regularly. But,No worries today I am gonna rant about an interesting doodling method called pattern doodling.It is a pattern influenced from mandalas, but unlike mandala, they can be of any shapes and sizes. These types of doodles are commonly used to reveal stress and to improve concentration. Normally, a simple pattern doodles takes about 1 hour. More elaborate pattern doodles take about 1 to 2 days and for slow and steady it might exceed to 15 to 20 days and for another group it can take months. I read about pattern doodling in a book, as I am very clumsy on lines, I finished mine in about 6 days! But it was a fun experience and cleared my mind the 10 minutes I did it! I hope you try this technique in your doodles!!



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