Tag challenge!!

 Hey guys! Its another day at doodlingpanda!! So today i am gonna do a tag challenge!! I have been nominated to the challenge by the awesome Thoughts in my life !! Please check out her blog!!

So lets start!!

Ok, the rules of this tag are:

  • Choose 5 movies that you like.
  • Create a 6 word synopsis of the movies.
  • Do include the image provided.
  • Tag 5 other bloggers and inform them.

So, the movies 🎥 are-

  1. Despicable me- one can always steel the moon!
  2. Big Hero Six- a robot can be emotional too !!
  3. Now you see me- bubbles can be means of transport!!
  4. Frozen- you can melt ice with love!!
  5. Hotel transylvania- werewolf girls can be very awesome!!

Now, I tag

  1. uninspired
  2. Sissh Art
  3. BeaFree
  4. MissTalkaholic
  5. Full Of Life

     So guys, enjoy the challenge and dont forget to follow me on my social media(check out the ‘stalk me’ page)



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