SummerQ&A-#2 Ft.Riya Rajayyan

Hello Buddies, welcome to another episode of the Summer Q&A! So, today I am gonna interview, the amazing and cool Riya Rajayyan! She is an amazing photographer as well as a fashion and makeup expert! She has two rad blogs-Aestheticallyperfect, which is a Fashion and Makeup themed blog, and her freestyle blog Aesthicgraphy! So, without waiting, we’ll jump right into it!

M: What is your most favorite thing!!

R: My most favourite thing is my phone. Because why not right?

M: What is the most that you achieved till now, from blogging??

R: Achieving 200 followers was a huge milestone for me and it means a lot that people have begun to like my work.

MSand and surf or hot chocolate and mittens?

RHot chocolate and mittens AND Brooklyn Nine Nine on the TV 🙂

M Which is cute- cat sleeping, dog sleeping or baby sleeping!


MWhat is your favorite sweet!

RThis is very tough, because I’m a foodie. If I had to go with just one I think Red Velvet Cheesecake!

MA weird thing about you and a thing that you hate!!

RWeird thing about me – I talk a lot to my pets and a thing that I hate about me wouldn’t be anything really!

M: Did you like this summer Q&A?

RYes! Thanks for having me!





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