SummerQ&A-#4 Ft. Beafree

Hey people, welcome to the fourth and final episode of the Summer Q&A! So, Today I will be interviewing the awesome and rad blogger, BeaFreitas, who has been February 2016 and has reached a whopping 2,429 followers( and still counting)She is one of the most successful bloggers in town! Her blog, BeaFree, deals about all the amazing stuff happening in her life!

Let’s dive into our final interview!!

MWho/what is your greatest inspiration?

BMy mom is my greatest inspiration, she honestly works so hard to achieve everything she wants. She is hardworking and never gives up, even when times are rough. other inspirations I have are Zoe Sugg who is a famous British YouTuber and blogger, Niomi Smart, also a YouTuber and blogger and Tanya Burr who is also a YouTuber and blogger. 

MDo you have a bucket list? If you have, some things you want to fulfill.

BActually, I do not have a set bucket list that most people have, all I have is a list in my head of places I want to visit in the world, maybe I should write a bucket list though…

MHow can you describe your life in one short sentence?

BEnjoying each day, each moment, each second. 

MAre you into sports?

BI played Tennis my senior year of high school and absolutely fell in love with it! 

MI know that you have a pet dog, can you say more about it?

BOh my goodness, I’m obsessed with my dog! One day my best friend and I wanted to go to the pet store to play with dogs, here is when I met a Pomeranian, the kind of dog I’ve been obsessed with for YEARS! I played with her and then once I left I was up thinking of her all night long! I went back the next day and payed for her! Yes, that’s right, I just went in and bought her! I was so not ready, didn’t have any food, toys, a bed, nothing but I was so in love with her that I needed her right away! Ever since she came home on June 13th,I’ve been obsessed and love her like a child!

MYour blog is touching great heights, Do you plan to start a second blog?

BI do not plan on starting a second blog what so ever! In fact, I just recently bought my own domain for this blog and I plan on continuing it to grow and just see where it takes me. 

MDid you like this Q&A?

BYes, I really liked this Q&A! Thank you so much Mila for thinking of me and for asking me to do this Q&A!



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