Coughing up #1

Hello everyone,

    Today, I will be starting my first short story series. This is a story about Kia, a 11 year old girl, who finds a diary which belonged to her great-grandmother. As she reads the diary, she finds about many things that she has never seen or heard, because life is too different in her time of the year, 2065. This is a story everyone should read, to find out the consequences of taking mother nature for granted!


The year is 2065. The clock struck 3. school was out.It was the same gloomy day for Kia. “I will die of boredom”, Kia sighed. How she longed to go and play ice-ball! But, only a little gas was left in her oxygen tank. She always wondered why, the sky was so dark and dusty. The photos she found in the old chest were far different. It showed lush green grass and a clear blue sky, with a yellowish round thing, which her mom told her,was called sun, that shown brightly. She had never seen a sun before.All she had read, were from a diary, which she had found a few days ago,out of same, old chest! She took her air-bike and went back home. She was greeted by her pet, Moochi! Animal mutations are really common nowadays! Moochi is the cross-breed between a cat and dog! She was Kia’s 10th birthday gift! This year she turned 11.She went to her room and took out the old dairy, and continued reading from where she had stopped…

Thanks for reading!



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