Coughing up #3

Coughing up #1

Coughing up #2

Kia opened the diary and started to read from where she had stopped. Soon, her mom called her down for dinner. Kia unwantedly, threw the diary on her bed and went downstairs. They were having food capsules for dinner. Water no longer existed in good amounts and hence, grains could not be cultivated. So, they were to live on capsules. They were lettuce-flavoured soup capsules and Kia absolutely hated them. She undesirably ate it.


Her dad arrived at 8 o’clock. Kia went and hugged him tight.He worked in a oxygen tank manufacturing company, which was in another country. He had arrived after nearly one month. Kia watched her favourite cartoon. It was called Kim and Tinnie! Kia always wanted to be like Tinnie. Time travelling to the past and future! What an adventure it would be! She quickly remembered her diary. She stopped watching her cartoon and went to her room. She flopped down on the bed and began searching for her diary. To her disappointment, she couldn’t find it! Her diary was missing! “Oh where is it”, kia thought and began looking in her room. She was tensed! She was sad! She was in a state of misery! Then she saw something horrifying!


So, it’s a small suspense at the end! Wait for the next installment to find out what had  happened to the old diary!

Thank you for reading.


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