Here comes-Pepper and Sunshine!!!!!

Hello buddies!

So, I am very happy to present to you, *drum roll*, Misha’s furry kids- Pepper and Sunshine!! They are 1 month old now and they are the naughtiest and furriest kittens we’ve had past a couple of years. Many of you have been requesting their pics after I had put up the “Misha has become a mom” post and I am so sorry guys, I couldn’t post them at that time(because, of my UK vacation and all!). But, now I have some cute pics of them and I thought why not, introduce them to you guys!


This is Sunshine!



This is Pepper!






A Family Pic!

I hope you guys loved these pics, 

Comment down below, which is the sweetest pic of them both and give them some big bear cuddles!

Toodles!! (Meow!)


39 thoughts on “Here comes-Pepper and Sunshine!!!!!

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  1. The mad leader gets ready to push The Button
    The intern next to him laughs
    “What are you laughing at, this is not funny!”
    “Oh, sorry, it’s just a cute cat video vine. Here look.”
    Laughs, smiles
    The Man loses track of time and his current agenda. Or just changes his mind from a freshly warmed heart.

    Do you think it’s possible that cat videos and pics have ever saved a life, or many?
    I would bet so.

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  2. Cuddles to Pepper and Sunshine! Thanks for sharing! We have just rescued three siblings, Ziggy (tabby) and his two black sisters (Nera and Ebony). They are in hiding at the moment! I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and this week’s poems are all about cats in case you have time to read? Have a good day, Sam 🙂

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