The Cramm award #2


Hey people, I was nominated to do the Cramm award by one of my fav bloggers- Destiny from reflection of des blog! Go check her blog out, and also check out the blog-a-thon series in her blog!

TheCramm award was created by Liv, the owner of theCramm an awesome platform that is all about condensing each day’s news into one place!


  • Mention the person who created this award with a link
  • Mention the person(s) who nominated you
  • Share three things that motivate you to blog
  • Share three people who inspire you to blog
  • Share one thing you hope to do to improve the world
  • Answer your challenge question(s)
  • Nominate other bloggers and give them a fun challenge question

3 Things that motivate me to blog:-

  • Words- certain words really motivate me!
  • Art– Music, drawings, photographs….
  • Nature- My surroundings inspires me the most!

3 People that motivate me to blog:-

  • My Readers!!
  • My Friends and Family
  • My Cat( I consider her as my sister!)

One thing I hope to do that will improve the world

Ans: I haven’t really thought about that. But, at this age, my aim would be to plant a lot of trees and plants in our locality. Why, It might be successful after all!

Challenge question: What is your meaning of life?

Ans: Meaning of life for me is to be happy, do good things and enjoy it without any regrets. Never be shy to try new things, visit new places, and experience different situations. Live life to the fullest!!


The Nominees!



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