Blue sky tag #3



Sorry people, I am doing lot’s of awards lately. This is because, they are all scheduled posts. When you are reading this, I may not be around, So please bear with me if I couldn’t answer your comments and look up your posts. I was nominated for this tag by Elena from the out and about web blog! Thank you soo much Elena for the nomination!

So let’s start!


Give 11 questions

tag 11 people

answer 11 questions.


Questions given by Elena:

How are you today?

ans: I am fine!

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

ans: I will probably be in 10th or 11th grade, writing my exams or studying!

Your favorite snack?

ans: Crunchy Oreo shake and fruit buns for life!

Your favorite desert?

ans: Chocolate ice cream!

What did you learn today?

ans: I learned how to make mango cheesecake.

What hobby do you regret stopping?

ans: I have not stopped any of my hobbies!

Where do you spent your next holiday?

ans: I would love to go to Japan, but haven’t decided about it yet.

What uplifts your mood instantly?

ans: Listening to rocking songs, especially Japanese vocaloid songs!

Would you rather be able to read thoughts or to see through walls?

ans: Be able to read thoughts.

What is the last song you heard?

ans: The last song I heard was Caramel heaven by Megpoid Gumi ( Japanese vocaloid)

Is there anything, you would love to do, but just didn’t get around trying it yet?

ans: I would love to learn calligraphy, but I never have the patience to learn it. I am currently developing it!


As these questions were fun to answer( also because, I am lazy to write eleven more questions) I am giving the same questions Elena gave me to the nominees!


The nominees are:







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