My Ultimate Back-to-school haul!

Hey guys, I had talked about organizing a back to school haul at the end of this month in my first blog updates post. So, here I am, today doing it.

Before you continue reading this post, I would like to say that, In no way, am I trying to show-off or hurt anyone’s feelings. I am just showing some school supplies that I bought, which can be useful for many of you reading. I love to use and try out new stationary items, So I thought, Why not share my love of artistic supplies with all of you. If I hurt anyone’s feelings ,I am very sorry.

So, without further ado let’s start the haul!!

First off- I have my American tourister backpack. I loved the design of this bag. It’s very modern and looks very unique. It is very functional, because it is very spacious and has many compartments.




Then I have my little froggy pencil case. I bought it from T.K max. It is very cute, handy and spacious.


Now, Let’s move on to the Stationary! ( Excuse the poor photography skills!)


This is my pack of the Staedtler Pigment liner set. I ordered the 4+2 piece pack, So, I got total 8 pens.


These are the nibs sizes I got.


This is My Kokuyo correction tape. I tried it out, right after I took this pic. As, It’s a roller correction tape, It was very smooth and it worked really well.


A pack of Deli stainless-steel scissors.


I got 3 sticky notepads as well as a set of page markers from Post-it.


This is a cute “Ideas” notepad that I bought from the accessorize store in Edinburgh airport.


This is a cute dog-themed notebook ( Cat person with a dog notebook, impossible!) This notebook is originally from paperplace, but I got it from a stationary store in Edinburgh.


These both books were actually my birthday gifts, but they have helped me a lot to be mentally prepared for the new school year. The one in the left is “How to be a Bawse” by Lilly Singh, Who is a famous youtuber, author and business woman, and the book on the right, “The High school survival guide” by Jessica Holsman. She is also a youtuber and has a channel called “study with jess”.


This is a kangaro Tape dispenser with a roll of tape inside it.


These are some cute stickers I bought from a nearby department store. I use them for Bullet journelling.


This is my 36 piece pack of the Staedtler Triplus fine liner in the nib size 0.3. I have been wanting these for years and finally I got it from Rymans in Edinburgh.


This is my Sakura Manga drawing pens set. I got a brush pen, Sakura graphic-1, Pigma microns in the nib size 005,03 and 08 and also a 0.7 Sakura127 pencil.


These are the the new Staedtler ball pens. They are very smooth in writing and comes in different colours. I bought the 10-piece pack.


These are the Pilot Frixion ball pens. They are erasable with the eraser at the top of the pen.


These are the Camlin Tora pens. These pens are mainly used for doodling, drawing etc. I use the black-coloured one for lettering. They have a smooth ink-flow.


These are some colourful Washi tapes. I use them in my planner and bullet journel.


This is a pack of “To Accomplish” sticky notes from Knock-Knock. I bought these because, they stick to most of the surfaces and unlike sticky notes, they won’t come off easily.


From inside, it’s like a book and you can also write your name on the upper-flap.


This is a notebook that my Aunt gave me as a gift. She is also a huge notebook-a-holic and a cat person. She has the exact same book. I will link the shop where she got it from down below:-

cat notebook


I also got a Mini notebook as well as a spiral bound one.


I Diy-ed this cereal box container to hold my sticky notes and stickers. I will link a tutorial down below:-

Diy cereal box magazine holder


I Diy-ed some plain chocolate boxes by wrapping golden paper around it. They turned out to super cute pen stands.


This is a cute polka-dotted pail bucket. I ordered it from amazon, thinking it would be big enough to fit my fine liner pens. But, it was a huge disappointment, because it was to small to properly hold the fine liners. I use these buckets to store all my small to medium sized pens in them. Anyway, They looked cute and also became home for my small pens.


Last but not the least, I also bought the thought dots dotted notebook to use as my bullet journal. The paper doesn’t have very high quality but, they are handy and also very sturdy.



I hope you liked this haul and found something helpful in them. If you do, comment down below which item was your favourite or which was the item that you found helpful!














41 thoughts on “My Ultimate Back-to-school haul!

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  1. I’m a stationary item lover too…wanted to ask you whether the Sakura Manga pens are really good…it’d be helpful for me too if I came to know which brand of watercolor set would be good….after my exams I’m gonna start my insignificant 3rd class painting session 😂😂😂….let’s see how it comes up, hope to get the information✌

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Umm…I thing I need the bold look in my paintings…cause though they’d be bad at first…but the gradience would give a good effect and will encourage me more! Then I’m gonna take your suggestion and buy the artist one😄…thanks panda buddy✌💙

        Liked by 2 people

  2. I loved all the things you bought, everything was so cute!! Lily Singh and Study with Jess are both amazing YouTubers, it’s great that their books helped you, so I might check it out myself.
    Also, I love all the supplies shopping , but I hate go back to school actually!!
    Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

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