He knew what he did. He knew that he had broken her heart.
But, finally he could never get the blame. So, why worry?

She came running to him. Why did you dump me? Was that witch more   beautiful than me? What about these pictures?, she screamed.

Baby, I don’t know anything. I told you that strange things are happening to me, since I had angrily broken my bathroom mirror that night. Why, mom had told me it was bad luck, he had the tone of helplessness in her voice.

I don’t want to hear anything. It’s over between us. It’s over!!, she ran out of the room crying.

My life is getting ruined. First I lost my job, then I lost my family and now I have lost my wife too, he weeped.

You are to face this. You should be ruined completely. I will take you to a stage, where you will wish you were dead, after all you are the person who ruined my everything!, The other Portion of him inside the mirror,laughed.


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