Once I was there, sitting on the brittle park bench, day-dreaming.

Something didn’t seem right. A feeling I had that I was not alone,

someone’s breathing near me.

I found it quite Imaginary at first, then a pinch on my cheek, proved it a reality.

It was so eerie and quiet, with chilly, cold winds, making it more daunting.

The thing made me gulp in fear.

Then, suddenly something flashed. Something quite fast and wigly.

It seemed like a worm, then it also could be something more!

Then I saw a tint of yellow or a beige or an orange, or was it a brown?

Suddenly, caught my swift eye, an orange, itty, bitty paw!

Then showed, bit by bit, a pair of yellowish beige little ears.

Once and for all, quickly it showed, it’s sandy tail and brown face!

Then I saw, a clear image of a cute hound, yipping and nibbling his little snack!

Phew! Was it a relief! Only was it a pup not a horiffying wraith!


Via daily prompt: Imaginary


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