Random Rants#2

Hey guys,

I am soo bored right now, that I can write a whole story!! But, I am not in the mood so apparantly not! I guess, I just wanted to talk to you guys!!

All these days have been pretty hectic. I hardly even get time to watch T.V or have a me time. But, whatever the reason is, I always find some time to blog.

All that is, a lot of good stuff also happend to me, the last few days.A story I wrote, scar, got published in one of the leading newspapers in the country. I was soo shocked, when it was out. But, It has boosted my self confidence very much.

I also succeeded in some diy’s I tried. It included doodling in a ceramic bowl, making some pom-pom flowers and recycling an old wooden glass.

My small happy moments😝!!

I also got a great opportunity for being the one of the core admin members in a team for a prompt by Diganta Misra. I would like to thank him very much through this post!

That’s all for todays rant!!



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