Living the cat life: A day in the life of a cat person….


Woken up, by a pink paw. When I opened my eyes, saw a yellow fur-ball stomping my face. Not quite a surprise. Sitting near me, while I was brushing, was a grey cat. “Oh, I forgot to give him his daily squeeze!” gives it a squeeze. Goes to the shower. There sits a big cat and two small cats. After a hassle-filled 15 minutes, I finally shower.

Breakfasts ready! but there, the yellow thing is running towards the plate to lick it. A successful dive and my dayΒ breakfast is saved. A minute later my uniform is coated with fur. “Arghhhhh….!!! I hate it”. As soon as I leave home, my mind just utters one thing- “escaped from that crazy house!” “phew!”

Reaches school.Β 

At the assembly:

thinking of cats

In the first 2 period:

thinking of cats

Tring!!!!!! The bell rings. it’s the break. Goes to my friends and start talking about cats. “Can you stop Mila?” they get annoyed.

It’s the third period:

thinking about cats.

Fourth, fifth and sixth period over:

still thinking about cats

“Oh,it’s the last period” I am relieved, “I can go home”

The bell rings!! School’s out!

I run home. Fur-balls are taking a power nap.Β I give them a squish and begin to watch T.V with them

Read book with them

“I am so relieved to be back home!” I say

Then finally, we drift of to sleep…..


This was a day in my life. With cats.

If you can relate to any incident in this entry, comment down below!

Toodles!! (Meow!)


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