Mini update+Milestone!

Hey guys, I have some updates regarding my blog as well as my life.

First of all, I would like to announce that, I am a part of the admin team of  the five sentence story prompt challenge. There are 4 of us, DigantaRiyaSparsha and Myself. Please, everyone, your full on support is needed in this venture!

Then, I would like to tell you guys that, I have changed my blog header as well as my blog theme.

This is my blog header:


Hope you guys liked it. I designed it my own.

I would also like to announce that I have hit 500 followers. I am soo happy to announce this to you guys. this milestone wouldn’t have happened, if there you guys hadn’t supported. I would like to thank my parents, My Bff’s and a few people who encouraged me throughout this blogging experience- My good friend Jazzy, My great buddies RiyaTapasi SparshaDiganta , Harsh and of course, my cats and all my other followers. thanking you all again for supporting me!!



33 thoughts on “Mini update+Milestone!

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      1. I just now realized! 😂😂😂 But I am quite confident on my eyes and memory! Lol
        Thanks a lot Mila! It’s a huge achievement, celebrate it!
        P.S. I love your accent and you know that!

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