In the middle of the hustle and bustle, she really seemed lost.

She adjusted the shawl-which she had wrapped around her mouth to cover her face- and said, 'This place is so hot. Ah! Why are you complaining? You are doing this for your own peace of mind, Kaira.' Her strong will power and her big heart were hand in hand.

She took out her iPhone-which was crammed between the numerous sunscreens and lotions in her bag- and went through the GPS to find her location.

'Koko Prisma studio…., mm.., there. Gottcha!' She had reached her destination. But she still had a doubt.

She looked up the studio to find full size billboard with her picture on it. She had clicked while endorsing for jewellery company.

'Being an actor sure is a tough job. Hiding from the paparazzi and all',
Kaira, the leading actress, ran into the studio, removed the shawl from her face and breathed a huge sigh of relief!

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