Diamond Rush.

Clara raced down the pathway, only stopping once to catch her breath. Her eyeliner had smudged way down her cheek, her hair was a total and clueless mess. Her heart was racing with her pace, tears streaming down her ink-stained blue eyes. But they weren’t her biological tears. They were mere saline water droplets of victory.

The tall building had crooked steps and it was not long before her platform wedges gave in. She cursed her incomplete training and not long after, she was on her feet. The streets were yelling out her name in the form of police car sirens. She clutched her shimmering handbag tightly, so as to not let out the precious loot it housed. Before she could notice, her legs had taken her to the open and chilly terrace of the high-rise. She could hear the clicking of steps behind her.

Then she took in a deep breath. Ah.

Her body fell from the heights. Her ear-piece clicked. With an air of greatness in her voice, she said “Heist successful”, before releasing the parachute.


Took inspo for this one from the movie Oceans 8! Hope you all like it.

Please leave you thoughts and recommendations down in the comments section. Would really appreciate it!



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