A personal opinion perhaps, I have always felt that darkness is often associated with something bad or negative or anything pessimistic. It's a thing I have always wondered about. People often associate dark or black with bad luck or unfortunate happenings. Even, movies and television shows often connect gloominess or scariness with darkness. It may... Continue Reading →


Phases of Sleep.

Spring with flowers, Everywhere, Around and about, White daisies and red poppy's, Swaying and dancing to the tune of the wind.. Suddenly, I was awake, In the middle, Of a dark, deep and green wood Who, also seemed to show off Their beauty, With mesmerising, little wild flowers And neon fireflies, Lighting up my way... Continue Reading →


She watched, everyday, as the sun gave birth to a new morning. Each day she had to roll her life forward with the bitter fact that she was captivated inside the tall and grey tower of sadness, loneliness and many other melancholic emotions. Everyday, she had the same chores, same goals to accomplish. Every now... Continue Reading →


They used to wander around freely, Then the day came when heart asked brain, "Why don't you clean the gunk thoughts and make room for more?" So, then it started, Sorting and cleaning, All thoughts and reminders, In bins and boxes, Finally, it was cleaned. The bright sunshine covered her eyelids, She woke up to... Continue Reading →

Boho girlie.

She hops and dances, As she goes around her house, Chasing butterflies, Popping "hello!" to the daisies, She resembles a little bunny, With big dreamy eyes, Her looks very charming, In a cute twin bun, Paired with loopy earrings, She covers everyone's heart, Through a poem written by me! Also a poem dedicated to all... Continue Reading →

Fake is up.

Hey guys, I got inspired reading Riya's post on the same topic. Thought of sharing my views in it. Fake people. This is one of the category of people dominating the society. Our generation has given rise to a new trend where not talking in a perfect accent or not wearing a tinge of lipstick... Continue Reading →

Pail bucket.

She stood there staring at the the infinite blue of the beach. All she had of him was his half-drenched sand castle and his favourite pail bucket with water to the brim. She could only stare at them and feel her eyes moisten. It happened all in a swift. Even before she heard his cry,... Continue Reading →


A little hole in the closed curtains helped me see the lies of the world. PC: google First try at writing one sentence stories. Hope I got the format right. -Mila

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