A thing we all need in life. A 'basic necessity' may be the right word to describe this feeling. Laughter. Smirk. Smile. Many words to express this unusual warmth. So let's start this week with a very hearty and crazy laugh. Or by trying bring a little laugh on someone else's lips. I bet, It... Continue Reading →



Miles and Miles I walked, trough the road,forgotten. Thick, viridescent ,vines, cushioned the dreary pathway. I would wipe the fog off my face to enter a lovely vicinity, where not more than a hundred dwelled, though, hidden and scared. The place was one, unfazed by filthy encroachers of the era. Although, one would never know... Continue Reading →

Welcome back!

Hey guys, I am back after a really long time. I had been stuck with my exams and there were many events that took place during this last 3 months, which kept me away from blogging. I also had a major writers block, but, now after all these months of thinking I am back. When... Continue Reading →

Snowflake 009

The incredible sight was none other than Cocoa herself. She was excitedly wandering here and there, literally dragging Tamara, who was busy texting her friend. Charlie was very happy to have seen his old friend. He ran towards Cocoa and jumped upon her, almost startling and scaring her. It took a moment for both of... Continue Reading →


It shimmered like gold. Molten gold. The memories of her forgotten past had returned. A teardrop trickled down her cheek, to the already drenched hospital gown. It was as if she had entered another part of the world. A place her dreamy eyes wasn't used to seeing. All she could recollect were the fond memories... Continue Reading →

Snowflake 008

Kuro had a wicked idea down her tail- she planned to take a winter stroll! Herself, Charlie and Leo made up a small plan and got ready to execute it when the pet shop owner was not in the shop. All the while, Demi and Cocoa had. Become great friends. They were best buds! They... Continue Reading →

Haiku 001

makeup box- her burned face stings beneath the false cover Hey everyone, sorry I hadn't posted for a while due to my exams. I have started writing haiku, ever since I attended a writers workshop, where Kala Ramesh ma'am, who is a renowned haiku poet, was luckily, my mentor. So, this is a haiku I... Continue Reading →

Snowflake 007

Cocoa got up surprised, when she heard a biting sound coming from her room. Irritated, she jumped up and saw a small creature, climbing up its colourful cage, and stopping mid way to bite the cage. Cocoa was disturbed, but tried to hide her frustration by introducing her to it. It gave its name as... Continue Reading →

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