In the middle of the hustle and bustle, she really seemed lost.She adjusted the shawl-which she had wrapped around her mouth to cover her face- and said, 'This place is so hot. Ah! Why are you complaining? You are doing this for your own peace of mind, Kaira.' Her strong will power and her big... Continue Reading →


The Five Sentence Story Prompt Winner for Week #5 is msarora for entry for the prompt word Admire. CONGRATULATIONS!!! CHALLENGE OPEN : 24TH JULY 2017 TO 28TH JULY 2017 Welcome to Five Sentence Story Prompt Challenge Week 6. Rules of the challenge:  Every week a prompt word shall be announced along with a Genre specification for... Continue Reading →

My little packages.

They heard the doorbel ring. Miya opened the door. "You have a few packages from We-cart." the delivery boy told her. There stood five big-small packages in front of her. "We didn't order anything from We-cart. Did we?", asked Akio, who was listening to his wives conversation with the delivery boy. "No Akio, I am... Continue Reading →

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