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Living the cat life: A day in the life of a cat person….


Woken up, by a pink paw. When I opened my eyes, saw a yellow fur-ball stomping my face. Not quite a surprise. Sitting near me, while I was brushing, was a grey cat. “Oh, I forgot to give him his daily squeeze!” gives it a squeeze. Goes to the shower. There sits a big cat and two small cats. After a hassle-filled 15 minutes, I finally shower.

Breakfasts ready! but there, the yellow thing is running towards the plate to lick it. A successful dive and my day breakfast is saved. A minute later my uniform is coated with fur. “Arghhhhh….!!! I hate it”. As soon as I leave home, my mind just utters one thing- “escaped from that crazy house!” “phew!”

Reaches school. 

At the assembly:

thinking of cats

In the first 2 period:

thinking of cats

Tring!!!!!! The bell rings. it’s the break. Goes to my friends and start talking about cats. “Can you stop Mila?” they get annoyed.

It’s the third period:

thinking about cats.

Fourth, fifth and sixth period over:

still thinking about cats

“Oh,it’s the last period” I am relieved, “I can go home”

The bell rings!! School’s out!

I run home. Fur-balls are taking a power nap. I give them a squish and begin to watch T.V with them

Read book with them

“I am so relieved to be back home!” I say

Then finally, we drift of to sleep…..


This was a day in my life. With cats.

If you can relate to any incident in this entry, comment down below!

Toodles!! (Meow!)

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He knew what he did. He knew that he had broken her heart.
But, finally he could never get the blame. So, why worry?

She came running to him. Why did you dump me? Was that witch more   beautiful than me? What about these pictures?, she screamed.

Baby, I don’t know anything. I told you that strange things are happening to me, since I had angrily broken my bathroom mirror that night. Why, mom had told me it was bad luck, he had the tone of helplessness in her voice.

I don’t want to hear anything. It’s over between us. It’s over!!, she ran out of the room crying.

My life is getting ruined. First I lost my job, then I lost my family and now I have lost my wife too, he weeped.

You are to face this. You should be ruined completely. I will take you to a stage, where you will wish you were dead, after all you are the person who ruined my everything!, The other Portion of him inside the mirror,laughed.

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The scar.


It was the most painful wound she has ever had. It was a scar, a deep scar that stuck in her heart. That day, she felt like her world was over. Her everything was washed away in seconds and her eyes were welling up with the world’s most sincere tears.

She had lost her best friend, with whom she had lived with in her whole 15 years of life. What fun they have had, she thought with a small smile that quickly disappeared into a look of misery. Why did you have to go now? Why did you leave me alone for the rest of my life? Her questions were endless.

She left from the hospital and went home to clean up for the funeral. She went to the Washroom and quickly splashed her face with the cold, chilly water. There were dark circles in her eyes. Why, she hadn’t slept for a whole day. She was too sad and tired to get ready, after all, she was struck by the most powerful lightning, the thunder of loneliness.

The dark clouds were gathering quickly, which signed that there would be heavy showers that day. Her family was already gathered in the garden. There were also some kids from the neighborhood. Her departed friend was very well-liked in the locality.

Then the moment came. It was all a quick affair, as no one wanted to be emotional. Her tear drenched eyes were staring at were her friend was resting now. She was just looking, she couldn’t speak as her lips were paralyzed. She only had the strength to keep a bouquet of flowers near the rock her emotionless friend’s grave.

She ran home half crying. Now suddenly, she had the feeling that she was missing something. She was missing the smell of strawberries and peaches that came from her dear friends hair, the sound of her sofa being scratched and also the sweet purring note of her little, furry feline friend.

The only things left of her kitty were many sweet memories and tales, that were stored deep inside her heart. Not even the scar could stain them, because they were bound with a strong thread of friendship and closeness, that would never break.