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Misha has become a mom!!

Hey guys!! Its another amazing day at doodlingpanda. So I am very happy to announce that my pet cat, Misha,has given birth to 2 cute kittens! They were born on 26-3-17 at 5:20 am (yep- they are Aries!) I am very excited about this! We haven’t decided on the names! If you guys have any suggestions, please comment in the comment section!! For me,it was a great surprise to start summer!
ps: I will post the pics later as they are sleeping!!


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Minimalistic thoughts.

Hey guys, today I wanted to write something I have never written before. I am thought about this a few weeks ago and felt I needed to share it with you guys! Today I am gonna talk about Minimalism- no more no less. In some part of our life, being minimalistic comes in hand. When buying something, achieving something, there is a need to think minimalistically. We all say “dream big, to achieve big”. Yeah,we should dream and achieve, sometimes the thing we need to achieve is too selfish and we suddenly become profligate. When we buy,say, a house, most people get out of hand. An extravagant house, with a jumbo lounge and a infinity pool, we have just overdone it. Unless you really need the space, why overdoing! I am not telling you shouldn’t live your life to the fullest, after all there is only one life,but under circumstances you should try to be minimalistic! Our life is like a room, we have lots of colour buckets to choose from! Unless needed don’t dump every colour to the wall and mix it up! It will be a headache for you itself!

This a write true fron my heart, I am not perfect either! In my life, on many occasions I have become a a profligate unnecessarily! I want to correct my mistakes and lead a better life! So everyone out there, I hope I have given you a thing to think!!

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Adventure to uncover!!

All the time,

Its one thing in my mind

A journey,

An adventure to uncover!

My mind wandering,

Here and there,

Pens rolling,

Pages flipping,

Maps flying,

In the air of adventure,

A journey,

An adventure yet to uncover!

Atlast! A journey,

Crossed my path,

Standing atop,

A soaring cliff,

Million beats,

Of a rhythmic heart,

Falling down,

Flying up, 

A journey, 

An adventure just uncoverd!
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Mila’s diary- little everyday things. The-no-internet-connection-dinosaur-game!!

Hey guys,it’s another day at doodlingpanda! So today we are gonna to rant about a little thing, The-no-internet-connection-dinosaur-game!! I will call it (tnicdg!!) for short! 
So,this game usually starts with the press of ‘space’ button of your keyboard or by clicking the screen of your smartphone(actually I just knew it  some time before!). Then a cute dino starts running πŸƒ and you have many obstacles like some cacti 🌡, some huge dino birds ( I don’t know what they are called!).

I like this game very much and it’s pretty much addicting! If you haven’t noticed,try this game!

Happy gaming!!

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Β Mila’s little book πŸ“š reviews-What not to do if you turn invisible by Ross Welford

Hey guys, it’s another day at doodlingpanda!! Sorry 😐 guys I haven’t posted for a while(no offence!) I was just planning on a series, (I will announce later as i have to decide on what it would be!)

So lets jump to the book review!

So I am gonna review a book I read recently.

And the book πŸ“š is….

What not to do if you turn invisible by Ross Welford!!

So this book revolves around a twelve year old girl named Ethel Leatherhead, who sets out to find a cure for her pimples, but later tries a medicine she order online and Boof! She turns invisible! But then she finds out that the invisibility is temporary and with this invisibility power, she finds out more about how her mother dies ,her real identity and many more deep and dark secreta of her life! This story also includes her grandmother πŸ‘΅, great grandmother, her dog 🐢 Lady and her friend Eliot. This also includes the two wicked twins of her class, the knights, who finds out about  all the naughty pranks Ethel did when she was invisible and blackmail her with a video. It’s a book πŸ“š worth reading πŸ“– and I liked the style in which the story is written! It’s a must read for all the tweens and teens out there!!

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