SummerQ&A-#3 Ft.Chelia

Hello friends, welcome to the third episode of the Summer Q&A! So, today we have Chelia from Pink for days! It is an amazing blog, with all of her life’s wonderful stories! She is a marvelous author and the proud creator of Friends for days tag!

Let’s Begin!

MWhat is your blogs Backstory?

CI’ve always wanted to be a blogger. I followed many blogs on Bloglovin and I wanted to be like them. To have a blog, to write, to have a little corner of the internet to call my own. I had tried to have blogs before but always gave up. This time I started, and found my voice. I’ve been blogging ever since. It has been two months and I’m so in love with it!

MAs your blog name suggests, is pink your favorite colour?

C: Yes. I love everything pink!!

MWhich blogger influenced you the most in this community?

CI would say all of them. What really inspires me is the whole community and to be a part of it. I love talking to everyone and the fact that people read what I write and comment. 

MI know that you started a tag!  What inspired you to do it?

C: I really want to help bloggers who are new or no so well-known. I want to bring the blogging community together and for more people to join us.

M: Do you prefer singing or dancing?

CI don’t know how to dance and I sing pretty well, so I prefer to singing.

MDescribe yourself in one word.


MDid you like this Summer Q&A?

C: Of course!! I love answering questions and I think this is a great idea.




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